From the Chairman of the FOTM

Having jumped in at the deep end, when, as a new parent who knew no-one, I took up the role of Chairman of the Friends of Tockington Manor in November 2010, I am delighted to report our fund raising activities throughout 2010/2011 have been a great success. From the very start it has not ceased to amaze me how effectively the time and effort volunteered by the Friends committee, the staff and the parents regularly produce well thought out and well attended events which, in turn, provide valuable funding for items on the school's wish list. A by product of this team spirit is a developing sense of camaraderie amongst us all from which many a new friendship has blossomed. I am happy to report I have benefited from both. This year the Friends have organised the following:
  • October-Quiz night
  • November-Bonfire night party
  • December-Flower arranging demonstration
  • March- Fashion Show
  • July- Summer Ball

Each of these events has produced a welcome profit so we will be discussing the allocation of these funds, to provide maximum benefit to the children of Tockington Manor School, at our first committee
meeting of the new academic year. During the year ending 31 May 2011 we spent £13,354 on a variety of items ranging from white boards to netball posts and it is our plan to continue to support the education of our children in this way and make sure we have some fun while we do it.

All that remains for me to say is an enormous thank you to all who have made this past year's fundraising such a success a story. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to every committee member, along with each and every parent, ex parent and member of staff who helped by attending our events and/or giving their time and their donations to aid our fundraising endeavours. In addition, our service providers deserve our gratitude for keeping their prices keen and making their gifts of auction and raffle prizes so generous. It is also only fitting that I acknowledge those individuals who, having no school connections, have nevertheless been equally generous in the provision of their expertise at no charge to us. I thank you all.

As ever, it always comes down to one or two people to provide the back bone to any ongoing concern and in the case of the Friends of Tockington Manor it has been Richard and Jane Tovey. They have
provided their support at each and every event and attended every committee meeting year in year out since the founding of the Friends of Tockington Manor in 1985. For this invaluable constant I, on
behalf of the Friends of Tockington Manor, sincerely thank you.